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Mandarin Clove Herbal Facial Steam


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An antioxidant-rich assortment of aromatic herbs to detoxify and restore the skin revealing a fresh and dewy complexion. Each package contains two treatments.

Add herbs to a bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave to cool slightly, place a towel over head creating a steam tent. Sit for 10 minutes, breathe deeply, clear the mind and set intentions.

Wash face with cold water to rinse away any excess oils absorbed from the steam before applying any further products.

Mandarin (to cleanse), Calendula (to repair), Cardamom (to detoxify), Cornflower (to soothe), Juniper Berry (to tighten), Cinnamon (to hydrate), Bergamot (to purify),Clove Bud (to fight bacteria).


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