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Anxiety Depression Supportive Blend


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A therapeutic blend of essential oils in 100% Organic Jojoba Oil to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Massage into feet/hands focusing on the adrenal gland, pituitary gland, and solar plexus reflexology areas listed below.

Adrenal Gland
Feet: Just above the central point of the sole, in-line with the first toe (right and left sole). Hands: Central point between the base of the thumb and wrist (right and left palm).

Pituitary Gland
Feet: Middle of the first toe, opposite side to nail bed (right and left toes). Hands: Middle of thumb, opposite side to nail bed (right and left thumb).

Solar Plexus
Feet: Directly underneath the ball of the foot, in-line with the centre of first and second toe (right and left sole). Hands: Between first and second finger, just below the knuckles on palm side (right and left palm).

Comes with a Shikoba reflexology pocket-sized booklet outlining the above.


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